• Re: Husky Project Project code repository?

    From Rj Clay@1:120/546 to Michael Dukelsky on Monday, January 15, 2018 09:50:26
    Reposting this here...

    Michael Dukelsky wrote to Rj Clay in the Golded echo:
    Hello Rj,

    Friday January 12 2018, Rj Clay wrote to andrew clarke:

    Yes, there are a number of ways one can do that. (I have or am
    associated with a number of projects at GitHub...) But they do not,
    to my knowledge, have a file mirroring network like Sourceforge does.

    You were the first to whom I sent an invitation to join the huskyproject
    on GitHub.

    And I appreciate that!

    But the invitation is still pending. Haven't you received it?

    I would have thought that I would have received an email notification about that but if so, I missed it.

    I hadn't seen it before but when logged in at GH just now it was showing

    I interact almost daily with repos on GitHub via the git command line but don't use the web interface as often...

    I've accepted it, of course.

    And have started taking a look at them...


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