• FCC Releases Plan in the Event of a Partial Government Shutdown

    From ARRL de WD1CKS@WLARB to QST on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 21:30:23

    The FCC has released its Plan for Orderly Shutdown[1] in case funds become unavailable to continue operation.

    "If a potential lapse in appropriations is imminent, the FCC will determine whether and for how long prior-year funds are available to continue agency operations during a lapse," the FCC said in its plan.

    According to the plan, if prior-year funds are available, the FCC will remain open beyond a lapse. If prior-year funds are unavailable or exhausted during the lapse in appropriations, the FCC will commence a shutdown.

    ARRL VEC Manager Maria Somma, AB1FM, said in such situations, the FCC website[2] goes offline, which includes the Universal Licensing System (ULS) and the registration system (CORES). "This means all electronic license transactions would stop," Somma said. "FRN registrations would be unavailable and even the search engines would be unavailable."

     Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has introduced a short-term spending bill to fund the government through February 8, 2019, in an effort to avert a partial government shutdown this week.The FCC said that, in general, during such a shutdown, all FCC activities will cease other than those immediately necessary for the protection of life or property, performing other excepted activities or those funded through a source other than lapsed appropriations

    [1] https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-355628A1.pdf
    [2] http://www.fcc.gov/

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