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    From art@FATCATS to All on Thursday, November 25, 2010 13:01:12
    Hey all,

    Last weekend I met Santa early and got a Digitech RP350 sound effects processor for my guitar. It comes with USB and is based on their AudioDNA2 chipset.

    I have been playing with recording multiple tracks and layering them into a song using Cubase LE4 (also came with the RP350).

    I was pretty impressed with the ease of use and x64 compatibility, given that the RP350 is a few years old and the newesr RP355 (I think) is already out.

    Does anyone else have this processor? Can anyone who is doing something similar (guitar -> sfx processor -> computer) recommend other tools/tips/experience to a newcomer like myself?

    What would be the best way to record vocals with Cubase? Into the processor as well, or direct mic in into the computer? I'm confused as to the difference between MIDI devices and standard jacks in the sound card... it seems like cubas can input from MIDI devices but not standard mic in... am I missing something?

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