• Pro Audio & Subs in cars

    From Prophetz@SKYLINEB to All on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 18:30:00
    I figure I'll type something too.
    There, now I'm done!

    Incidentally, I've got some twin 12" Kicker Pro-Comps in a sealed, tuned enclosure at the back of my old '90 Suburban. Always hated Pioneer systems, but I have to admit: Pro-Comps? Great. Comp-VRs? I'd rather have the Pioneers back. At least the voice coils on those didn't burn out at less
    than half their rated specs (don't play low-bitrate MP3s in your car stereo), even if they did sound like plastic cups to me. I would have done better putting in the Q-Logic kick-panel 6" enclosures next to my feet, but I didn't want to spend that kind of money and lose the legroom. Well now my ears, and my wallet wish I had. Currently, I'm more focused on building a dual-core
    12v ITX board that can run a touchscreen media center in the backseat to compliment the Wii and replace flipping around with the stereo remote, which
    is not practical with big libraries.

    Elo touchscreens rock by the way. Way cheaper than the competition, and it's the prettiest LCD in my shop. WIIIDE viewing angles, good color, and bright bright bright, even under glare. I honestly have no idea why all those (insanely overpriced) $1200+ desktops don't come with one. HP built one, and they saddled it with a useless all-in-one layout the ensures that it'll be relegated to web browsing and watching TV within a couple years. I dunno
    about you, but I like to buy the components I need when building a new PC,
    not buy all new gear every time.

    As to pro audio gear, my family's bi-annual Solstice party went off well, and
    I am looking forward to not working on that rack again anytime soon. Crown tube amps are cool, but I hope the next time I wire something up (at work,
    for instance) that I can throw aside any wires that aren't working and just grab another.

    Probably working next week, so I will be online (LOL! Unions, gotta love
    em.) and you can message me back, if you like.

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