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    From Tiny@ABUSE1 to All on Friday, November 04, 2005 17:48:00
    I've been a Ntrack fan for about 3 years now, and use it for pretty much everything including lots of VST's I have bought over the years.
    I'm also a Linux fan and wanted to switch my home computer to linux.

    I found a link to "Studio To Go" by ferventsoftware.com and after reading
    some reviews on it decided to send in some cash. I know I could have gotten everything installed on my Gentoo system for free, but this way they have
    done the hard part of getting all the apps to talk to each other.

    Since I"m at work my laptop is all I have to run this on, and so far I'm very impressed. It configured my crappy onboard sound and even with 256mb of ram
    I was able to load some wav files I recorded under NTrack to play with.

    Once I've spent some time with it at home on the studio computer with a real sound card and a much faster processor I will post a more detailed review,
    just wanted to mention to you all this is an afforable solution to buying Cakewalk or Cubase or something else when you run out of patience with the
    MIDI support in Ntrack. ;)

    (And all I do with MIDI is some reaaaaly simple keyboards!)

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