• Favour

    From Lex364@LEX364B to All on Sunday, June 26, 2005 19:55:00
    i have a big favour to ask and if you can help it will cover me 2 ways
    this is to log into the bbs, enter the synchronet files area, doors sub area and upload me some doors that are KNOWN to work with synchronet.

    i have tried several and only to find out they are not fossil compatable
    AFTER i set em up, this way i will be able to put on things others have
    gotten to work....problem 1 solved and it will let me know that the
    transfers are working which will be problem 2 solved.

    on another note, i am VERY dissapointed with the people over at eisonline. first they didnt want to bother to look into 10 yrs worth of records to find
    my old registration info....well i can unserstand that it has been a long time. so i repurchased it and they have yet to get me my reg keys so i
    guess i will have to take tw2002 down because i can not get it to work non multinode, and when i try to run it on the 1 node i get from the setup for
    tw, you can not see the ansi or anything remote. so i open the local window and its says what is your name... so somehow its still not communicating with synchronet and i have triple checked the set up from the door set up
    docs as well as the door setup link i was sent
    ok..dome fuming now

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